Arild Brekken - 2

Jau, gesucht, gefunden, es ist ein Junge und er hört auf den Namen ARILD BREKKEN..

Arild kommt aus Norwegen, Biografie folgt noch....

Arild Brekken was born in Stavanger, Norway on October 7th 1979. He startet off with trying to learn how to play the guitar, like his older brother and father at the age of 10 or so, with some help from them two, but after stumbling over a Music Man Sabre bass in a friends house who`s father was a bass player amoung others, Arild knew that the bass guitar was the instrument for him, especially after having his friend`s father show him some bass lines, and teach him some bars of The Beatles tune "Michelle".

Arild`s older ( and  only ) brother Kjetil, played both guitar and drums, and also purchased a bass guitar for home recording, and tought his younger brother the basics in how to play the bass. Since then, Arild has developed his own way and style of playing the bass from listening to and play along to music in all directions of styles, and have played in many different bands and music projects during the years, in various music styles, including Gospel, Oldies, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock etc.

Since 1993 he has been a member of the highly rated Norwegian instrumental band "The Reflections", with his brother Kjetil on drums and their cousin Svein on lead guitar. Erik Hagen played the rhythm guitar at first, but was replaced by Ole Reidar Gudmestad some years later. The Reflections, who started out as a tribute band to the legendary UK band "The Shadows", have had great success with three CD releases and many shows in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, England, Wales and also Canada.

Arild`s list of highlihts during his modest musical career would include meeting and sharing the dressing room with the great bassplayer Mark King and his band and meeting and serving wine(!) to the legendary hank B. Marvin and his wife, holding the late Carsten Deberitz`s legendary steel pick when meeting him the first time.

Also the honour of meeting many other great musicians like Cliff Hall, Mark Griffiths, Bill Bonney, Alan Jones, Bruce Welch, Brian Locking, Brian Bennett, and also the late musicians Jet Harris, Tony Meehan and Jerry Lordan`s widdow Claudine Lordan, and performing with many of them several times on different occations during the years.

In 2001 when The Shadows had their release party held at EMI in Oslo, Norway for their double best of CD "Kon Tiki- de beste 1960-1980", Bruce Welch of The Shadows asked Arild and his brother Kjetil to play the bass and drums with him, having the UK lead guitarist Phil Kelly complete the lineup to perform as a "Shadows band for one night only", and play some of the hits from The Shadows for the press, vip`s and music critics.


Too many to list, but here are some: Alan Jones, Carol Kaye, Flea, Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci, John Rostill, Alan Tarney, Jet harris, John Entwistle, Les Claypool, Mark Griffiths, Mark King.